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Sometimes, you just have to go through your Steam Library and see what crazy games you have purchased during a sale.  For me, the latest game in that scenario was Rogue Legacy.  I bought it last year during what can only be described as my gigantic buying spree, and then promptly never played it.  I had it installed, but didn’t register any time into it.

Once I started this whole livestreaming initiative though, I started it up and was instantly hooked.  Played it for about an hour, and then after it showed up as one of the options in my gaming poll from last week, I just had to get it into the rotation.  So now everyone gets to see just how bad I am at platforming / action games.

Rogue Legacy is a rogue-like, as you might have surmised from the game.  You go through this castle, trying to kill four different bosses and gather up gold.  When you die, and you will definitely die, you come back to the castle as the next person in your family tree.  Each family member has a different trait, class, and magic spell that they can use.  You use the gold that the last person gathered to upgrade future generations.  All your upgrades, equipment and boss kills carry over throughout the family lineage.  Only other thing that makes this game stand out, is that the castle changes it’s layout everytime you load in unless you use a special upgrade.  So yeah, it’s tons of fun and has immense replayability.

The beautiful part about this game though is that it can accommodate any level of player.  If you are good at this kind of game, you can run around the castle a few times, make a ton of gold, and then end up upgrading your character very quickly.  If you aren’t that great, well you can eventually grind it out and through that process get better at the game.  Pretty much a win win.

So enjoy the game and let’s see how far we can get this week!

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