Thousands of Years Later, The Final Boss – Rogue Legacy | Gaming Mornings

After weeks of suffering and struggling to make any progress in Rogue Legacy, but those days are over!  Finally, we have made it to the promised land of final bosses.  The dream is alive people, it is so very much alive.

After learning how to cheese bosses with the Dragon, the tower bosses became a piece of cake.  Flying around a room, shooting fireballs at a giant fireball?  Wait how does that work?  Wouldn’t that heal the thing?  Oh well, I’m glad that it doesn’t because I need every advantage that I can possibly get.

After that, I’ve put in some attempts on the final boss and I feel like I have a strategy that is viable, just need to execute better.  A Barbarian with daggers is really fantastic, and should be able to kill off the final boss, but we shall see what the final result is.  The end is finally within reach, and I couldn’t be happier.  I have enjoyed this game, but I will be ecstatic when it is all over.

Joseph Valenti

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