This Tower May Take Awhile to Climb – Rogue Legacy | Gaming Mornings

I had planned on just grinding out some more levels a day after killing the second boss in Rogue Legacy, and that is exactly what I did.  Just out of curiousity though, I went up into the Tower area and checked to see what the deal was with the next boss.  Well … it was certainly eye opening.

While the boss obviously killed me in a few hits, I know feel like I have the tools for this.  I don’t need to get frustrated and just grind away on him endlessly.  I’ll just go grab some gold, level up for a bit, and then when I get there I’ll be ready to go!

The early episodes of this play through were difficult and frustrating, but they have given me the necessary perspective to know how I need to approach the game.  That is some valuable experience.

Joseph Valenti

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