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As I have gotten older, I have grown to have an immense love of console gaming.  The main reason for this is that generally speaking, while games may not look quite as good on a console, I am guaranteed to know whatever game I start will play.  I mean that’s the appeal, the fact that it will just work.  Sure maybe there will be some bugs associated with a game, but the game should work.

PC Gaming though always makes me nervous.  No matter how good of a computer I have or get, I feel like I’m always doing something wrong and my games are just never fully optimized.  Today’s session of Rogue Legacy really made me feel that way as the mere attempt to defeat the second boss lead to a massive slowdown and memory leak on my computer.  It filled the screen with so many enemies that my webcam started to flicker at the end of my live stream!

That is insane.

Chat and I came to the determination that despite me wanting to beat the forest boss today, I need to grind out some levels.  So that’s what we are going to do!  After all, I spent a massive amount of time today locking down the castle trying to find the way to the forest, only to then have it all end in defeat.  Oh well, live and learn!

Joseph Valenti

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  1. Pablo de la Cruz

    Great post. I support what you say about console gaming but sometimes you find yourself at the mercy of the console’s specs and a game will run like poop with no way to make it run better.

    If a game is released on multiple platforms I almost always go for the PC ’cause at least I can get more RAM in there or get a better video card later and eventually get the job done.

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