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So as a test of my livestreaming setup, I played about four hours of DOTA 2.  That got me through four matches where I went 3-1 overall.  Not too shabby!  The level of my play isn’t the best, I’m fairly new to the game all things considered.  Take not that new to the game generally means I’ve put in more than 126 hours total.  Yeah … DOTA 2 is a little weird and not for everyone.  =)

None the less, here is video of each match, along with some commentary on what went well / wrong.  Sorry about the crackling of my microphone, this should be fixed in future videos.

Hero Used: Shadow Fiend
Lane: Middle
Result: Loss

Shadow Fiend has the potential to be a very powerful character, and while he seems like an easy one to use, he is instead very difficult to master.  Essentially, SF has only two spells.  One is an area of effect blast that is shot out directly in front of him, and the other is a screen filling area of effect.  The screen filling one, can either be channeled or automatically done when SF dies.  The in-front AOE is a little bit more fickle and nuanced.  the spell has three different distances, and you need to use the proper one.  There is close, middle and long range, and if you use the wrong one, or you are not pointed in the correct direction, you’ll end up missing everything.

The only other thing that you need to realize is that the more things you kill as SF, the more damage he does.  When you die, you lose damage.  So if you get beat up early on, like I did, it can be nearly impossible to catch up.  I started to get the hang of SF towards the end, but by that point it was too late.  It was only my second time ever playing the character and it showed.  My teammates were none too pleased with me.  =P

Hero Used: Shadow Shaman
Lane: Top
Result: Victory

Shadow Shaman is generally considered a support character, but he is one that I have a huge love for.  He has a chain lighting attack to clear out waves of creeps, a hex to disable heroes, and a spell to hold heroes in place.  That gives you tons of utility to work with.  Then his ultimate, the serpent wards, does tons of damage and allows you to quickly push and destroy towers.

The biggest thing that helped me this match was being able to quickly gain levels and money.  I got a few assists and kills on opposing heroes early on in the Top Lane and that snowballed into a few tower kills and being able to buy up a lot of my best items early on.  Also important, was that the second I saw that the other team had Broodmother, I snatched up some sentry wards to see through invisibility.  Broodmother is invisible when she is in her webs, so you need to be able to detect that.  If a team is super dumb, and doesn’t get sentries, then Broodmother can become a problem.  Thankfully, we didn’t allow that to happen.

Hero Used: Luna
Lane: Bottom
Result: Victory

This game was fun in the sense that we won, but man was there some assholes in this game.  I have actually never had such an annoying person in a game, nor have I had one call me racial slurs.  Guess he knew I was streaming and wanted to give you all the wide spectrum of what you could expect from the DOTA community.

Despite some issues with going into team fights when I shouldn’t, and not going in when I should have, this game was a great representation of just how powerful a true Carry hero can be.  Once a character like Luna gets a few items and has enough money to keep those good items in, she snowballs into a powerhouse.  Towards the end of the game there was little that the other team could do to stop me.

Favorite part of actually winning with Luna?  When you get the bouncing glaives upgraded fully, there’s just bouncing weapons of death everywhere!

Hero Used: Kunkka
Lane: Top
Result: Victory

Admiral Kunkka at your service!  This was a weird game for me.  I don’t feel like I played particularly well.  I would essentially do well at a team fight, but then be out of health and mana and have to go back to base.  I am really not sure what I was doing wrong, but it just felt really odd.

Kunkka is great at dishing out lots of damage to large amounts of enemies.  When you are able to add weapons to increase critical damage, Kunkka gets out of control.  Despite my struggles, the opposing team never got any invisibility detection, so if I was about to die I would just use my shadowblade and go invisible.  Worked everytime.

Hope you enjoyed and hope for more DOTA 2 in a few weeks!

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