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After weeks of fun but difficult single player levels, and a grueling amount of technical issues, we have arrived at the ruined Trow capital city of Rhi-anon.  Comes complete with an entire river of blood running through it!

With the game starting to wrap up it’s narrative, I am reminded at just how strong the writing for this game is.  Everything, from the pre-mission journal entries, to all the flavor text on the different units, really help build what this world is.  You always get a sense, because of the writing and the mission design, that the odds are against you and that failure means the likely extinction of the humanoid races.  There are entire games with ten times the budget that can’t pull that off sometimes, yet Myth can with some solid script writing and some sprites.

I know that I’m biased when I write all that.  After all, I have been obsessing over this game for 17 years now, but just because I’m biased doesn’t mean I’m wrong.  If you ever get a chance to play through the Myth series (minus Myth III which you can skip) you absolutely should.  They are challenging strategy games, that are never the same!

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