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The game that started the obsession!The time has finally come for me to show off something near and dear to my heart.  When I would think about restarting the website and getting into streaming, Myth is what I really wanted to showcase.  This was pretty much the game series I obsessed over and played for the better part of five straight years.  I played other games as well, but not to the same extent.

Developed by Bungie, yes the same people who made Halo, Myth drew me in with it’s art style, storyline, and strategy game play that didn’t require me to build a dumb fucking base.  That’s not how battles are fought.  You don’t go to the battlefield with a carpenter, start building a base of operations, and then spit out newly trained recruits from it.  That style of game doesn’t make any sense what so ever!

… and also I’m terrible at that type of game.  =P

Something tells me I barely got through this mission back in the dayIn part 1 of the Myth playthrough I go through the first two missions of the storyline with some causalities but nothing terrible.  Having not played this game in 15 or so years, I think I did pretty well!  The controls for moving the camera just came naturally to me, even if the rest of it didn’t.

Then in part 2, I am able to get through the third mission but once I hit mission four, it all goes to hell!  Blowing up my own units and getting blown up by enemy units becomes the norm and frustration begins to mount.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.  =)

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