Thankless Job of Border Patrol – Papers, Please | Gaming Mornings

To complete the game Papers, Please doesn’t take a very long time.  While there are many different endings available to you (20 to be exact), to get to the end of your one month of in-game time, it would only take a few hours.  The gameplay hooks build as you go, and by the end of the game you are a lean, mean, passport stamping machine.

I had so much fun going through the game that I decided to go back and play a few more times in an effort to get all the achievements.  It will also be good to see some different endings.  One of them will be in which the EZIC group overthrows the government, and the other will be in which the government continues to operate as per normal.  Should be a nice bit of closure to offer up all the viewers of this series before we move on to another game.

For now though, watch and enjoy!

Joseph Valenti

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