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What a fantastic 24 hours of Myth I just had!  Let me paint a picture for you on just how much of the game I played, offer some fascinating insight I have gained after a month of streaming, and ask a few questions.  You ready for this?  OK 3, 2, 1 let’s jam!

There are currently three different videos up above you because I actually had an impromptu evening stream.  I had some free time so I used it to get through some more missions in the single player campaign, and I also tested out some new scenes in my XSplit broadcaster and tested some audio levels.

In Part 4, I complete the flight from Covenant and successfully destroy a World Knot.  I then begin on a snowy mission to find a missing scouting party, but then realize I had been streaming using my wireless connection which is just no good!  Part 5 I correct that mistake, and then take out a huge giant known as a Trow.  These guys are bad news and can really decimate your forces, which I demonstrate for the viewers.  You know, for education and such.

Part 6 has me blowing up a lot of Soulless with Dwarves, and then comes one of my favorite mission types in the entire Myth games series.  The ones in which they give you five super powered hero units, and set you against a massive enemy force.  So. Much. Fun.  Yes there are a few more Dwarf explosions and mishaps, but hey that’s entertainment for you.

The only Myth: The Fallen Lords videos up on Twitch.TV are mine!

The only Myth: The Fallen Lords videos up on Twitch.TV are mine!

I’m going to go into this more in an upcoming From the Editor column, but what a difference game selection makes on viewer count!  I have had zero viewers for most of this series thus far, because who the hell wants to watch Myth: The Fallen Lords.  I’m not even sure if there are people out there who remember what that game is.  Definitely not complaining about it, I am having an absolute blast playing through this game again and glad that I can share it with any viewers who may stumble upon it.  Just a really good thing to keep in mind if you are thinking about streaming; game choice matters!

Now, onto the questions!  Please leave answers in the comments.

  • Is there anyone watching these videos?
  • After listening to my Myth World Cup tournament story, did we get hosed or was it totally a viable win?
  • What is the game series that everyone else in the world seems to love, but you just don’t like?
  • What game should I play next?  Please used the form down below.

Joseph Valenti

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  1. I saw a few on YouTube. I definitely enjoyed hearing you freak out when you blew yourself up.

    Big RTS games are hit or miss when it comes to streaming. Dota works because the reward cycle is quick. Myth might be a little too slow for some people.

    You definitely got hosed. They should have played with the group they had or asked you guys to even up. As soon as they said let’s play on a different service I knew the story was going downhill.

    While I would like to see some FTL, looking at the list, I think mark of the ninja would be a riot to watch. Easy to follow, great visuals and a lot of different ways to handle situations. That’s my take.

    Appreciate the effort and enthusiasm!

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