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About a year ago I bought DmC: Devil May Cry for what I felt was a ludicrously low price for $15 or $20.  I then started playing it and fell in love with the game immediately.  The visuals, combat, and even the story, were really well done.  With a controller in my hands, and a love of the weird Inception-esqe dream world of Limbo that developer Ninja Theory made, I just lost myself in the game.

Then real life took over.  The holidays took hold of me and didn’t let go, and planning for gaming marathons and trips to the Poconos took all of my free time.  I never made it back to DmC and for that, I was deeply saddened.

After a few weeks of the new livestreaming schedule, I was looking through my Steam Library and found that I still had DmC installed on my computer and that reminded me of how much fun I had had at the time.  I actually booted it up at some point and tried to play, but found that I was at one of the game’s major boss fights, with absolutely no recollection of how to play or what the boss’s pattern was.

I always knew that I would come back to DmC but I just never had a clear idea when.  With my Disney World vacation now all done, and no clear game to play for the morning stream, right now seemed like a very opportune time.  So it is with that backstory that I’m very pleased to present to you episodes one and two of my DmC: Devil May Cry Full Play.

In these first two episodes there is a lot of moments where I have an intense concentration on my face as I’m trying to string together more and more complex combos, while also letting the game’s cutscenes play out with little to no interruption.

We learn about Dante and Vergil and their messed up family backstory.  We fight off a really big boss, and realize that hitting the fucker in the head is really quite effective.  We meet Kat, Mundus, and Mundus’s really ugly sex toy, and ultimately we’re all better for it!

Many more episodes are on the way, and who knows, I may even try to 100% this game.  I really doubt it, but hey, you never know.  For now though, enjoy all the style that just oozes from DmC, and go out and play it if you haven’t already!

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