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Tons of technical issues, but still managed to beat the secret level.One post, eight videos!  OK, I should probably try and explain what the hell is going on with all of this.

Last week was quite the ordeal.  In addition to a great amount of stress going on at the day job, I was also dealing with a good deal of technical issues while playing.  My laptop has been having some slowdown issues, nothing that I would notice during my day to day use, only something that has popped up with Myth.  This may seem odd considering how powerful my laptop is but you have to look at this a different way.  My computer is attempting to play a game designed for OpenGL with a DirectX compatible graphics card.  If anything goes weird, the game is going to slow down.

Confronting Balor soon!Thankfully, I did fix that issue, but in the process, my XSplit then changed the default microphone being used.  Suffice to say, the audio on that day was so bad that I didn’t even use that footage.

I think that I have figured out all my weird computer issues and so I feel like I’m ready to get back into the swing of things and just focus on the gaming.  I’m hopeful that I can finish up The Fallen Lords by the end of this week and then I can move on to my next game.

What game will that be?  Well you can help decide that in the poll below!

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