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Interrogated!Picking up where we left off yesterday and absolutely no time was wasted.  In short order, Miriam and the True Believers are gone, and our former allies the Spartans are no more.  Who wants to make a fucking tree hugger joke now, huh?!

Shortly after all of this, we started war on the Hive Mind, and while I’m confident that we shall prevail, the Hive have a ton of troops!  They had started a war with the University and seems like I’ll have to fight through the surplus of war assets that they accumulated.  Thankfully for the Stepdaughters, we have progressed our technology a good amount, so we’re definitely the strongest force on the planet.

Kind of want that diplomatic victory ... after I destroy half the factionsOh yeah, and we are becoming best buddies with the Mind Worms.  So good in fact that they are sharing their “wonderful” poetry.  Hey, being a friend is sometimes about sacrifices.  =)

July 3rd and 4th we will have longer than usual streams because of the holidays here in the US.  So be sure to have your voice be heard and vote in our poll to determine what I should play next!  Especially if I can get that supreme leader diplomatic victory!

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