Joey & Katie Play A Game | Saints Row The Third – Episode 1

Welcome one and all to our new section of g33k TV, Joey & Katie Play A Game!  It is our hope that this series will entertain you as our married duo playthrough and talk over various video games and upload them for your enjoyment.  We honestly have no idea if this will be cool or not, but here’s hoping!

Our focus in 2012 has been to just do more here at g33kWatch.  A big sticking point, something that we just weren’t good at was doing lots of video.  We just never had the technology or means to do it, and in our minds if we couldn’t do it well, we might as well not do it at all.  We wanted to at least have some sort of standards, shocking I know, so that the viewers at home could enjoy what they were watching.  With the recent influx of new toys here at g33k HQ, we decided to hook up our capture card and show you all what we love to do the most; play video games.

We chose Saints Row The Third as our first game because it was something we haven’t played before, it had been getting fantastic buzz over on Giant Bomb, and we wanted to play something that was funny and entertaining to start off.  As we started playing though, we were not prepared for just how much fun Saints Row The Third would be.  This is a game that has you killing an entire S.W.A.T. team, blowing up multiple helicopters, swearing up a storm, jumping in and out of a fucking plane, and fighting guys while skydiving from said plane.  Oh yeah, did I mention that all of that is in the first 30 minutes of playing?  That’s not including you using Predator Missiles against the military, crashing a party by skydiving onto the penthouse helipad while the entire song Power by Kanye West plays, saving a dude from a sex dunegon who only speaks Autotuned and starring in a Japanese game show where your task is to avoid death traps and kill people in mascot costumes …

All of that stuff takes place in the next 30 minutes of the game, and there’s just more stuff to come.

So sit back and enjoy our little trip with Johnny Gat, Saundi, Pierce and the rest of the Third Row Saints.  If you like the video, be sure to Subscribe to us on YouTube, like the video, and leave lots of comments here on what you would like to see.  Let us know what you would like us to do in Saints Row, or what other games you would like to see us play.  Do you want us to just give you a taste of a game, or would you like us to play the entire thing to completion?  We’re hoping that this will be the new Thursday programming that we give you each and every week, so we’re going to need to fill the time somehow.  Make your voice heard and let us know what you want to see!

Joseph Valenti

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  1. Don’t stop until you get to completion. And that is in now way a sexual innuendo. Definitely not.

  2. I was entertained by this lets play. The only problem with it is that now I really want to play SR3

  3. I just noticed that these articles don’t show up under any of the navigation bar headings. They probably ought to get organized under geek games or podcasts if you don’t make a separate video header.

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