I Can Totally Kill This Boss … Oh Wait No I Can’t – Rogue Legacy | Gaming Mornings

What started off as a simple day in which I was working from home, turned into an “epic” Rogue Legacy two part stream in which I grinded out a bunch of levels, thought I could handle one of the bosses, and was then promptly shown that I was simply not prepared.  It was magnificent, tragic, and all together fun!

The Part 8 video has me just trying to get money in an effort to better prepare myself for the Tower boss, Ponce.  After that, I realized that I have spent a lot of screen time grinding levels and that just can not be that exciting for the viewers at home.  So I then started playing and leveling up on my own time off stream.  This was fine, but then I got to the boss of the Dungeon area, a giant blob that seemed simple enough.  That was when I did a special afternoon livestream, thinking that I would be able to quickly kill this boss.

Boy was I wrong!

The concept was simple, and I know what I should be doing, but it is definitely something I need more patience for.  I also need to get more runes and equipment together so that I can switch them out when needed for different bosses.

So sit back, and enjoy my suffering.  More Rogue Legacy this week, and possibly a new game for next week.  Who knows?!

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