Hell Yeah Full Play | Episode 8 – Time For a Bit of Back-Tracking

Almost all done with Hell Yeah!Perhaps you have have noticed an odd thing in the background of some of these levels.  There have been these two weird creatures, worshiping a broken television.  You may even notice that I go out of my way to look at them every single time.  They show up too often for them to just be a random thing to add in the background.  Sure enough, they are part of the game.

Those areas are teleporters, and they allow you to move from one level to the another, and allow you to backtrack through previously played sections.  There are older levels where they had a high monster kill count required to pass.  Now that we have killed half of the 100 monsters in the storyline, it’s time to go back to those areas and see what is going on.

First stop we have is the prison, where we will be going underwater to take care of a few rowdy monsters who did us wrong.  Thankfully for us, we have an infinite amount of submarine torpedoes and depth charges.  They’ll never stand a chance!

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