Hell Yeah Full Play | Episode 7 – Attracting Demons With Orange Juice

It gets harder and harder to find relevant images for this game =PThe title for this video may make little sense.  Yet when you watch the end of this episode, it will completely be clear.  Well … sorta.  In order to get these bug demons to be dead, you need to attract them over with some citrus goop that they want to eat.  Otherwise, they just won’t move.  Of course, the design choice for how this citrus looks is orange in color so I begin to think that I’m covering Ash in orange juice.

Did I mention that this game is weird?  Have I voiced my concerns for how I just don’t know how any of this is still taking place in hell?  I did?  Well at least you know.

Like any good game, the action of Hell Yeah is starting to get more difficult.  You’ll notice a lot more deaths on this, along with some general confusion on how I should move forward.  The good news is, this gets better as we go along with the episodes.

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