Hell Yeah Full Play | Episode 6 – Peace, Love and Brutal Hell Killing!

Stupid Hippies!We are now out of space, and into a 60s induced acid trip?  What the hell are these game designers doing?!  What’s shocking, is that this is not even remotely the weirdest level in the entire game.  That one, is coming up a little bit later.

While Hell Yeah has been crazy and buck nutty, the cool portion of this game is just how creative the design team got to be with the level design.  Because the game was designed with random zaniness in mind, the artists really got to be free in how they drew up concepts.

Want a space level that is semi-futuristic, while at the same time complete with retro aspects?  Sure!  Want to take a trip back to the 60s for no particularly great reason?  Of course!  You add this freedom, to the already established process of designing 100 wacky monsters for you to kill, and you have a weird game.  A weird game, but one that I just love to play in part because of just how ridiculous it is.

When you remember that Sega published this game, and their track record with really weird games, it all kind of makes more sense.

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