Hell Yeah Full Play | Episode 5 – Bunnies in Hell Space!

Hell has it's own version of Outer Space?  What?We really went to space guys.  Yet this brings about a ton of different weird questions.  Is this actual outer space?  Does Hell have it’s own version of outer space?  Is this some weird kind of limbo area that is not really Hell and not really Heaven?  I mean seriously here, we could use some clarification!

None the less, we run around in this new Space-themed Hell world, and start to see the game ask us to do some very odd things in order to kill bosses / monsters.  This includes juggling, bypassing shields, using toxic fumes, and answering meaningless questions.

The game is definitely a blast to play, but this is a really important time period in the game.  Not in terms of story, but how you will react and enjoy the rest of the experience.  For the first thirty or so monsters, just going around and killing them is enough.  If they had kept up that simple formula though, that might not have been enough to keep interest.  By adding this weird, “puzzle” kills, the developers are able to infuse some new life into the game and hopefully keep you playing and enjoying.

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