Hell Yeah Full Play | Episode 2 – Blue Collar Factory Killing

Imagine this dumb looking Panda Boss working on an island.  Pretty funny right?Who wants to kill more monsters?!  Let’s get to it!  This time around we finish up World 2, shooting past 10 out of 101 monsters killed.  Why is 10 an important number?  Well it introduces us to a new gameplay mechanic;  The Island!

Whenever you kill a named monster, they are sent off to The Island where they are forced to work for you.  While there you can force them to mine for money, research how to improve your hit points, or develop new items and secrets for you.  The more monsters that you have, the faster that they can work on a particular thing.  It’s an interesting idea but it does come with some issues.

Biggest issue is that The Island is only accessible from the main menu.  So you have to stop playing in order to go see what’s going on.  The other issue is that there really isn’t much to it.  Sure, it’s fun to look at, and you do get some items out of it, but ultimately you just make a slider go up and down until an item appears.  Once you get to the end of the game, when you can just max out each category, the entire idea becomes irrelevant.  Also, none of the items you get through this are entirely necessary to complete the game, so you kind of just forget about it after awhile.

As I said at the beginning, this game has some issues but nothing that detracts from the main game.  It’s just straight up fun, and that won’t change.  Anyway, enjoy the episode and please leave comments!

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