Going to Hug Trees With Thermo-Nuclear Warheads – Alpha Centauri | Gaming Mornings

Remember the beginning of this Alpha Centauri playthrough where I was playing the Gaia’s Stepdaughters and it was all about exploration and loving the planet?  Yeah well when I had to deal with the Hive Mind faction, I completely lost my shit and decided it was time to just nuke the ever loving crap out of them.  I’m not proud of myself, but feel it was necessary.

Eventually through nuking the planet, I was able to eliminate all but the Hive faction, and then declare myself the planet’s supreme leader.  Of course, the problem about this was that after dropping so many nukes, the planet’s alien life decided to attack me for performing all of these atrocities.  So while I did win, I won control over a planet of pissed off mind worms that are all suffering from radiation poisoning.

None the less, a winner is me!  At some point in the near future we’ll get started up on an Alpha Centauri – Alien Crossfire expansion pack since I have never played that.  For now though, time to move onto Rogue Legacy!

Joseph Valenti

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