Finally, My Head Broke Through The Wall – Rogue Legacy | Gaming Mornings

For a full week, I banged my head against a wall.  My desire to take Rogue Legacy and throw it in the garbage, rose and rose as we played more games.  Yet it is all better, now that I have defeated the blob boss for the dungeon.  Finally figured out a way to cheese the boss using the Dragon class, and boy was it satisfying.  Once you entice the little blobs to come on over to this side of the pool, adult swim style, it was still tense but easier overall.

There was some times during the last few days where I missed a few gaming mornings.  This will tend to happen from time to time depending on circumstances.  Sunday I was dead exhausted from a very long and troubling week.  Monday, I actually started streaming, but then felt terribly sick so decided to cut it short.  These things happen, and while I will try and remain consistent as much as possible, there will be a few days like this from time to time.

Thanks for all the support though everyone, we’re getting closer to the end of this and moving on to another game!

Joseph Valenti

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