Far Cry 3 Full Play | Episode 8 – Hunting Sharks is Hard Work … and Dumb

Hunting sharks is bullshit ...For our last episode of the week, we go about hunting the game’s most dangerous, and annoying animal.  I of course speak of the Shark.  Hunting sharks literally involves you going out into the middle of the ocean, letting them nibble on you a little bit, and then when they come back around, you punch them in the head.  I wish there was an easier way, but alas … that is the easier way.

Sharks are important because they allow you to hold four weapons at a time, and upgrade your wallet to the third level.  Both of these things are very important, the weapon holding especially.  I tend to find that the really good setup is to have the bow, silenced assault rifle, silenced sniper rifle, and a shotgun.  With that, you can take on anything.  So despite my hatred of hunting sharks, I’ll have to shine it on for the good upgrades.

Next time we pick up with Far Cry 3, we are going to meet up with Citra.  She is the leader of the island’s people, and also sister to Vaas.  She will set us on the path to becoming stronger, and will give us more missions.  The story is only going to get more insane, so look forward to future episodes!

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