Far Cry 3 Full Play | Episode 6 – Prison Break?

The ransom video Vaas makes is a little disturbing ...Were you fully aware that Far Cry 3 had a story?  It can be very easy to forget about all of that, as you go about the island killing pirates and hunting animals that want to kill you.  Yet, that is exactly what is on the docket for the next two episodes.  We need to go out and try and save more of our friends.

Yes the same yuppie friends that Vaas was trying to sell on the black market.

This mission in particular is a lot of fun because it asks and allows you to play in a stealthy manner, and then in a way more akin to guns blazing.  You get a little bit of everything as you play, and it is a very good overview of just what is possible in this game.  Far Cry 3 is all about putting you in control of a massive world, and letting you have fun.  This isn’t the best mission in the entire game, or even the most memorable.  That doesn’t detract though from just how good it is.

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