Far Cry 3 Full Play | Episode 5 – Lack of Patience Equals Death

You only have to hunt buffalo once, but you need them for the important ammo upgradesAnnnnnnnnnd we’re back on the island!  Never know how much you miss it until you get back into the swing of things.

We have already established just how much I’ve enjoyed Far Cry 3.  It just has so much to offer.  For this week it’s all about setting ourselves up to have a very powerful and easy playthrough for the game.  So spending some time to hunt some of the more illusive animals to increase our ammo capacity is at the top of the list.

From there though, we continue the story by learning about alarms at outposts, and how you can go about disabling them.  Obviously it’s a good practice to do, not only because it ensures that no reinforcements come, but it also gets you an extra 500 XP.  As I said in an earlier episode, be sure to get as much bonus XP as you can early on in the game.  If you can max out your skills early on in the game when it doesn’t take much to level up, and you upgrade your craftables, you’ll have nothing to worry about in the later portions of the game.  That means, more mayhem and fun!

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