Far Cry 3 Full Play | Episode 3 – Hey, Watch It. I’m Hunting Over Here!

Just hunting some boar over here.  How are you?To make the most out of your Far Cry 3 experience, and to ensure that you are prepared for any situation, you need to a do a fair amount of hunting. It’s just the way of things, so you best get used to it. This episode, I go hunting for Boars, Goats, and Komodo Dragons.

The other thing that you should be prepared for is to send a lot of time exploring and getting distracted. What starts off as a simple way of hunting, quickly turns into an expedition to scale a radio tower and liberate an outpost. There is just so much to see and do in this game, that you really just need to lose yourself into the world and take your time.

If you try to main line the game in the fastest time possible, you will end up with not a lot of cool craftables, and you’ll miss out on all the weird stuff that the game’s AI will partake in. Trust me when I say, that the best stories that you have from this game, take place when you are exploring and least expect it.

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