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The amount that I love the new Devil May Cry game really knows no bounds.  During this portion of gameplay, we hit what is quite possibly the best level design and best boss encounter in the entire game.  Working our way towards the Raptor News Network and Bob Barbas is one of the most enjoyable times I have ever had in gaming.  Some of you out there may think that is hyperbole, but I mean it!

Also of note, the dialogue from the Succubus boss fight in Episode 3 is some of the funniest and most ludicrous lines I have been privy to!

I am beyond impressed at just how confident developer Ninja Theory is with this game.  In creating the inbetween world of Limbo, they have given themselves free reign to make whatever crazy world they wish.  For some developers, that would ultimately lead to a jumbled mess.  Yet in DmC, the environment of Limbo always feels strongly connected to the real world.  Even when you are flying through the air, walking upside down, and avoiding a spotlight that can destroy anything and everything in it’s path.

This is further cemented when you are platforming through an area that is made up of television network graphics.  Where else can you fly through the air on red, white and blue graphics packages meant for political debate?  The Barbas boss fight seems pretty normal at first, until you get into the next phase.  Watching your character fight smaller minions through the lens of a television network camera, complete with scrolling headlines and what not, really took me by surprise.

Some of you may have strong feelings about the Devil May Cry franchise, and may dislike how Ninja Theory abandoned the previous incarnation of Dante & Vergil.  I implore you to watch these videos, and buy the reboot.  It is certainly a different take, but there is still some crazy ass shit in there that you should enjoy.

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