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After beating Rogue Legacy, I didn’t have much else to do.  Katie was off trying to beat my old record in Poker Smash for XBOX Live Arcade, and I was sitting at 9 overall viewers.  9 has been my highest viewer count yet, and I wanted to try and get that number into double digits.  Rather than jump back into Legacy I decided to do what came naturally to me.  I went and played a game of DOTA 2.

Hero Used:  Pugna
Lane:  Middle
Result:  Victory

I usually play Single Draft or Random Draft, and this time around I got a Single Draft.  So, basically the game randomly selects three possible heroes for me, and I have to choose one of them.  I got my choice of Broodmother, Earthshaker and Pugna.  I actually love playing Broodmother, but that hero can be so easily countered.  If you are going up against a team that is super dumb and doesn’t take sentry wards, then you will destroy them.  If they have half a brain cell though, you get stomped.

Earthshaker is a fine choice, but I’m terrible at landing fissure, so my choice immediately went to Pugna.  I love Pugna as a hero.  Ability to farm very quickly and push towers with his Nether Blast, Nether Ward punishes heroes for using abilities, you can take heroes out of the fight with Decrepify and Life Drain is sooooo good.

That all being said, I could have easily been taken advantage of, if the opposing team’s Death Prophet was in anyway decent.  They simply didn’t do a good enough job with last hits, did not use Exorcism well at all, and didn’t pay attention to other lanes well.  Because of that, and because of some shoddy Spectre play on the other team, we were able to steamroll them pretty handily.

I won the game, but I feel like I could have played better.  Oh, I also need a better guide for next time.  =P

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