Darksiders II Full Play | Episode 26 – I Should’ve Kept The Staff For Myself

Spoilers everyone, but I think the Archon is corrupted.  I know, I was surprised tooJust a quick episode today, but it is none the less important.  We finish up the staff that we were supposed to come to Earth to collect, and with it the Archon opens up the path to the new dungeon.  Tomorrow’s episode will be longer as we will go through the entire dungeon and retrieve the first half of the key that we need.

You know, just in case you still give a rat’s ass about the story.

Before the dungeon though, today’s episode is much like yesterdays.  We spend a lot of time shooting things with our Angel gun, and wishing that we got more health potion drops.  Also, Joey V mumbles a lot to himself about topics that ultimately probably don’t make a difference.  That must mean it’s a great episode!

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