Darksiders II Full Play | Episode 25 – Add a Pinch of Left 4 Dead & Gears of War

Just what Darksiders II needed ... MOAR GUNSI know what you have been clamoring for.  Why, you need more Left 4 Dead and Gears of War in your Darksiders game, right?  RIGHT?!

OK maybe you didn’t ask for that, but that is what you are going to get.  This next section of the game leans heavily on gun play and while it’s adequate, it’s not the most enthralling to watch or play.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my speculation on what THQ franchises are going to get sold off and what that means for their series and game developers.  Some of the biggest games out there are going to get sold to the highest bidder, and those are things like Saints Row, Warhammer, WWE and even Darksiders.  Would someone be able to salvage the Darksiders series despite a cult following on the first game and a lackluster impression from the second?  Don’t know just yet, but if someone were to make a four player Co-Op game that might be enough to entice me to come back.  Who makes good action Co-Op games?  Maybe Epic could do that!

Now we have come full circle.

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