Darksiders II Full Play | Episode 24 – I’m Going to Earth? I Just Got to Heaven!

When you head back to Earth, you'll finally meet some familiar facesWith THQ about to sell off all of its most prized intellectual properties, I set off to hopefully finish up Darksiders II.  For this week, we’re going to be playing around on Earth and in the Heavenly realms as well.  We’re getting closer to the end of the game which is a good thing considering my thoughts on the game as a whole.  Yet that ending comes, just as the game is starting to become a bit more tolerable.  Oh well!

As I had mentioned last time around, Darksiders is at its best when the writing, action, and level design are tight and streamlined.  As much as I love open world games, I don’t want to feel confused as to what I should be doing next.  Unfortunately, when you have an action game that leans on puzzle mechanics and a “go anywhere” attitude.  It’s very easy for the player to get lost and to forget what they should be doing.

Another issue, and this one is totally on me, is that if you are going to play this game, do not take long breaks.  For this week’s episodes, I get back into the swing of things, but there are definitely sections that I forget mechanics due to me not playing Darksiders all the time.  None the less, we’re getting closer to the end and I’m finally excited to see where the story ends up.

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