Darksiders II Full Play | Episode 1 – Death Rides Again

Tutorial level introduces us to Death and the CrowfatherEvery day, Monday through Friday, Joey V from the website g33kWatch will play Darksiders II and record the results until he beats the game.

What will come of this?  Demons, loot, and long running combos!.

After a little bit of a hiatus, the g33kWatch Full Play series is back!  This time around we are going to be playing as Death in Darksiders II.  For those of you didn’t play the original Darksiders, the game was essentially a modern take of The Legend of Zelda mixed with Devil May Cry.  Lots of dungeons, big boss battles, and exploration are just some of the things that made the first game great.  With the sequel now out, figured it would be a good time for all of our viewers to experience the game.

In this episode we go through the tutorial level and watch as Joey V attempts to remember all of the controls.  Instead of playing as War, this time we play as another member of the Four Horsemen; Death.  Death is on a mission to resurrect humanity and to prove that his brother in arms War is innocent of the crimes levied against him.

Combat seems a lot faster, and the traversal also seems snappier.  Graphics are very stylized, but offer a very cool aesthetic.  It’s exciting to have another Full Play series started and can’t wait for all of you to follow along.  Be sure to subscribe to our channel, and to like this video.

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Here are some of the highlights of Episode 1.

  • Cinematic: Opening cinematic giving some insight about the Horsemen | 01:00
  • Gameplay: On our way to the Crowfather’s lair | 04:10
  • Gameplay: First combat of the game. Way faster than the original | 05:40
  • Loot: Equipping secondary weapon, and the new RPG mechanics | 06:25
  • Derp: Joey V apparently sucks at traversal | 09:20
  • Gameplay: Killing some enemies and better attempts at climbing / jumping | 10:20
  • Boss Fight: Ice Giant | 15:05
  • Death: Whoops, fell off a cliff! | 19:00
  • Cinematic: Death confronts the Crowfather | 22:05
  • Boss Fight: War | 24:40
  • Cinematic: Fake War / Crowfather defeated, but we are exiled | 26:40
  • Gameplay: First look at the Makers and some new enemies | 29:20
  • GameplayLeveling up and differences between the skill trees | 32:50

Darksiders II Total Time Played: 31:10
Darksiders II Death Count
: 1

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