Dark Souls Full Play | Episode 5 – One Bell Rung, Two Gargoyles Dead

I have survived one week of Dark Souls!  Pop open the champagne!

This has been a really exciting week for me, and I’m glad that people are enjoying the Full Play series so much.  It has already inspired a few of you out there to start playing Dark Souls, and for that I’m really glad.  Dark Souls has a lot of good complexity to it that make it very rewarding once you get into it, and I’m glad that people are using this series as an entry point.  That just strengthens my resolve and gets me more excited for week two!

The concept of the full game playthrough is that a new video will be uploaded every weekday, Monday thru Friday. I will continue to do this until I have beaten the game in question. For my first time out, a poll was administered on our Facebook Page, and our fans determined that I would be playing the punishing, but entertaining game, Dark Souls.

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Here are some of the highlights of Episode 2.

  • WTF?!: Joey forgets how to use a healing miracle | 03:00
  • Boss Fight: Bell Gargoyles | 03:50
  • Gameplay: Ringing the first bell! | 07:20
  • Gameplay: Heading back to Firelink Shrine to get some items | 11:50
  • Gameplay: Joey enters the Valley of Drakes to find two items | 14:40
  • Death: Instant kill, but Joey gets the Sword and Shield! | 15:30
  • Gameplay: Fighting Skeletons at half strength | 17:40
  • Gameplay: Exploring the back entrance to Blighttown | 24:35
  • Mini-Boss Fight: Titanite Demon – Protector of the Forest| 33:00
  • Death: That is one big beat stick … | 34:10
  • Mini-Boss FightTitanite Demon – Protector of the Forest | 35:00
  • Death: Protip – Don’t get impatient like me and fight him in a terrible spot | 36:20

Total Deaths for Dark Souls Full Play: 11

Joseph Valenti

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves. Connect with me on Google+


  1. Some additional highlights:

    Did You Know?: Joey V was let go from the Suicide Hotline | 21:44
    WTF?!: World’s Most Serene Zombie | 22:30
    WTF?!: How you miss a target THAT big THIS close? | 23:56

    • I did some quick reading up and the Prowling Demon (aka Titanite Demon) has no tail item, so you can go about stabbing it to death.

      Apparently it’s weakest melee spot is the left side behind the arm as the swing fails to reach there, your only downfall is the leaping attack, but that can be dodge-rolled as soon as he leaps. It is also weak to lightning despite wielding it.

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