Dark Souls Full Play | Episode 33 – Inventory Juggling at it’s Worst

What happens to my convenant if I kill Nito?  Am I the new Gravelord?This skull lantern is going to be the death of me, I swear!  With the new found and well placed bonfire that was discovered in Episode 32, we now have a clear path to killing Ntio.  What gets us in trouble though, is the constant switching between our divine and lightning weapons, added on to the burden of trying to wear Havel’s armor and the Greatshield of Artorias.  Not to spoil too much, but all of that confusion definitely comes into play during an attempt on Nito.

We’re rapidly approaching the end of our playthrough and it’s getting very exciting! What we ask of viewers now though, is to leave comments and tell us what you would like Joey V to play for his next Full Play. It could obviously be a past game if you so desired, but it could also be a game that hasn’t come out yet. Just let us know what you would be interested in and we’ll take the best responses and put them to a vote on the g33kWatch Website / Facebook.

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Here are some of the highlights of Episode 33.

  • Gameplay: What is this a skeleton dog? | 00:50
  • Gameplay: I went from finding no bonfires to an abundance of bonfires | 03:25
  • Gameplay: So close to being able to roll while wearing all the heavy armor | 04:35
  • Death: That was a lot of burst damage! | 05:45
  • Gameplay: Getting lost in the dark with skeletons is frightening | 07:50
  • Gameplay: Finally found some light, going towards it | 11:00
  • Gameplay: Think we’re getting close to Nito, but still some tricks to experience | 12:00
  • Death: Ambushed and kicked off the ledge | 13:45
  • Gameplay: Back in the area, lesson learned | 17:00
  • Gameplay: More Pinwheels and poison skeleton babies?! | 19:15
  • Gameplay: Preparing for Nito and forgetting about encumbrance | 23:15
  • Boss Fight: Nito | 23:40
  • Death: Finally figured out what went wrong as I died | 25:55
  • Gameplay: In which Joey gets pissed off and runs past Pinwheels | 31:00
  • Boss Fight: Nito | 32:00
  • Gameplay: Back in Firelink for the very last time | 37:30
  • Gameplay: Offering the last soul to the Lordvessel | 40:00
  • Gameplay: Yay found a bonfire! | 36:20

Dark Souls Full Play Checklist

Total Deaths for Dark Souls Full Play: 83

Major Tasks

  • Leave the Asylum
  • Ring the First Bell
  • Ring the Second Bell
  • Survive Sen’s Fortress
  • Return to the Asylum
  • Enter the Painted World
  • Acquire the Lordvessel
  • Defeat Gwyn

Major Bosses

  • Asylum Demon
  • Taurus Demon
  • Bell Gargoyle
  • Capra Demon
  • Moonlight Butterfly
  • Gaping Dragon
  • Chaos Witch Quelaag
  • Ceaseless Discharge
  • Centipede Demon
  • Stray Demon
  • Great Grey Wolf Sif
  • Pinwheel
  • Iron Golem
  • Crossbreed Priscilla
  • Ornstein and Smough
  • Dark Sun Gwyndolin
  • Four Kings
  • Demon Firesage
  • The Bed of Chaos
  • Seath The Scaleless
  • Nito
  • Gwyn Lord of Cinder

Mini Bosses

  • Armored Boar (3 of 3)
  • Black Hydra
  • Black Phantom (2 of 4)
  • Butcher (2 of 2)
  • Giant Cat (3 of 3)
  • Giant Rat
  • Golden Crystal Golem (2 of 2)
  • Havel The Rock
  • Hydra
  • Parasitic Wall Hugger
  • Ricard the Archer
  • The Black Knight (6 of 7)
  • The Bridge Wyvern
  • The Channeler (3 of 3)
  • The Tower Knight
  • Titanite Demon
  • Undead Dragon

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