Dark Souls Full Play | Episode 31 – Came Here to Kill You, But Sure I’ll Join Your Covenant

I may have outleveled Pinwheel just a tiny bitWell, it’s about time to enter the catacombs and go after Nito.  The catacombs area is actually interesting in that it’s designed for lower level characters in mind, yet contains one of the biggest bosses in the entire game.  Most of the enemies in the area don’t hit that hard, and actually don’t have that much health.  The difference though is that most of the undead creatures in here will come back to life unless you defeat them with a Divine weapon, which can be difficult to procure early on in the game.  So while things are easily defeated, the idea that you can clear this area at early levels is far fetched as you will probably get swamped.

For our little journey though, we try and clear a path to the Pinwheel boss, and find ourselves a skull lantern so that we can light our path in the Tomb of the Giants.

We’re rapidly approaching the end of our playthrough and it’s getting very exciting!  What we ask of viewers now though, is to leave comments and tell us what you would like Joey V to play for his next Full Play.  It could obviously be a past game if you so desired, but it could also be a game that hasn’t come out yet.  Just let us know what you would be interested in and we’ll take the best responses and put them to a vote on the g33kWatch Website / Facebook.

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Here are some of the highlights of Episode 31.

  • Gameplay: Entering the catacombs | 00:20
  • Gameplay: Finding the first bonfire and series of switches | 04:00
  • Gameplay: Next switch activated, clearing a bridge walkway | 11:40
  • Death: Swung my sword so hard, I fell off the ledge | 14:45
  • Gameplay: Back to my death spot, finding another switch | 20:00
  • Death: Jumping onto the next bridge and it’s full of spikes! | 20:50
  • Gameplay: Rolling onto the ledge, NEXT to the spikey bridge | 24:45
  • Gameplay: Meeting up with the jerk Patches | 26:05
  • Gameplay: Finding hidden bonfire | 26:50
  • Gameplay: Over the bridge and into the next area | 27:50
  • Gameplay: Getting the Skull Lantern drop | 30:50
  • Gameplay: Epic leap to the next platform! | 34:20
  • Gameplay: Oh great, another Titanite Demon | 35:40
  • Gameplay: Joining the Gravelord Covenant | 36:45
  • Gameplay: Deeper into the earth, clearing Black Knights & skeletons | 43:40
  • WTF?!: Fake item? | 47:25
  • Boss Fight: Pinwheel | 48:35
  • Gameplay: Well that was quick | 49:20

Dark Souls Full Play Checklist

Total Deaths for Dark Souls Full Play: 77

Major Tasks

  • Leave the Asylum
  • Ring the First Bell
  • Ring the Second Bell
  • Survive Sen’s Fortress
  • Return to the Asylum
  • Enter the Painted World
  • Acquire the Lordvessel
  • Defeat Gwyn

Major Bosses

  • Asylum Demon
  • Taurus Demon
  • Bell Gargoyle
  • Capra Demon
  • Moonlight Butterfly
  • Gaping Dragon
  • Chaos Witch Quelaag
  • Ceaseless Discharge
  • Centipede Demon
  • Stray Demon
  • Great Grey Wolf Sif
  • Pinwheel
  • Iron Golem
  • Crossbreed Priscilla
  • Ornstein and Smough
  • Dark Sun Gwyndolin
  • Four Kings
  • Demon Firesage
  • The Bed of Chaos
  • Seath The Scaleless
  • Nito
  • Gwyn Lord of Cinder

Mini Bosses

  • Armored Boar (3 of 3)
  • Black Hydra
  • Black Phantom (2 of 4)
  • Butcher (2 of 2)
  • Giant Cat (3 of 3)
  • Giant Rat
  • Golden Crystal Golem (2 of 2)
  • Havel The Rock
  • Hydra
  • Parasitic Wall Hugger
  • Ricard the Archer
  • The Black Knight (6 of 7)
  • The Bridge Wyvern
  • The Channeler (3 of 3)
  • The Tower Knight
  • Titanite Demon
  • Undead Dragon

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