Dark Souls Full Play | Episode 3 – I Smell Bacon. Do You Smell Bacon?

I’m actually starting to have fun with this Full Play!  Thank you to everyone who has commented here on the site or over on YouTube.  I really appreciate all of the comments and tips on how I should be proceeding.  It means a lot to me and helps me stay excited about posting these up each and every day.

During my commentary I mention that the game is “unfair”.  I don’t mean this in a literal sense.  Sometimes it feels unfair when you die, but the game is actually very well balanced.  The thing is, you sometimes don’t know certain things about the game world, and as a result you can end up dying.  The most important part of the game is to learn from your mistakes, and as I continue to go through this playthrough, I hope that you find I am doing that.

The concept of the full game playthrough is that a new video will be uploaded every weekday, Monday thru Friday. I will continue to do this until I have beaten the game in question. For my first time out, a poll was administered on our Facebook Page, and our fans determined that I would be playing the punishing, but entertaining game, Dark Souls.

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Here are some of the highlights of Episode 2.

  • Gameplay: Joey begins the process of getting the Drake Sword | 01:05
  • Gameplay: Test driving the Drake Sword | 04:10
  • Gameplay: Time to press forward and continue the adventure | 07:20
  • Death: Messed up an enemy pull and get surrounded by archers | 12:38
  • Mini-Boss Fight: Armored Boar | 17:00
  • Death: Gored to death by the Boar and zombie-esque enemy | 18:55
  • Mini-Boss Fight: Cooking up Armored Boar Bacon | 23:15
  • Gameplay: Going through the basement, into the church area | 24:28
  • Gameplay: Joey discusses the fashion world within Dark Souls | 29:30
  • WTF?!: Guys … this is a Tight Spot| 32:00
  • Gameplay: Teach me how to gesture! | 33:10

Total Deaths for Dark Souls Full Play: 6

Joseph Valenti

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves. Connect with me on Google+


  1. Looks like you were BOARED senseless! wakkawakkawakka

    • Okay, for realsies, I’m enjoying this Full Play* and it is actually making me want to dust off Dark Souls (Limited Edition that I bought at Ecksmas last year for dirty cheap) and actually give my Pyromancer a shot in the arm. I didn’t know about the tail situation and would have left that dragon the hell alone.

      I do wonder if I can get ahead of Joey in a weekend and then start leaving him messages in the dirt.

      *Not just the deaths.

      • It probably wouldn’t be so hard to outpace my playing. Generally speaking I will recorded 5 episodes on a Sunday and then split up the episodes, just because I don’t have the most time during the week.

        Not to mention that you should pick up your Pyromancer again. I almost started a Pyromancer for this playthrough just because they have some amazing spells they get access to early on that can do some devastating damage.

        • Fresh cooked Demon Bacon. Nothing like it to start off a long day of fighting through a hellish wasteland.

          How viable is an archer in this game? I quite like to play ranged characters in this sort of setting. Could an archer work or is the bow only good for pulling and picking off enemies in awkward spots?

          • From what I’ve seen on a wiki page all the builds lean on being melee, or melee with magic skills and some archery. I have seen no Ranger builds, or looked at builds that rely heavily on archery.

            I started a new game last night and got myself a Pyromancer with the Drake Sword, Knight Shield, and a bow for pulling/whittling at a distance. While I could (and have) taken down enemies with my arrows, you need to be rather fast because one hit means you have their undivided rushing attention (Undead Soldiers Sword/Shield will run you down albeit exposing themselves to further arrowing, whilst Lancers are slow, but will be nigh impossible to shoot down as they advance).

            That and the Asylum boss and Taurus boss do not favour the camper. They have the ability to take you off your respective footholds if you do not act quickly, hence the notes upon notes players leave on the Taurus section saying “Try a Plunging Attack” or “Weakness: Plunging Attack”, it is best to play a hybrid I think.

            The good thing I’ve noticed is you can pull individuals, so long as the group is not locked on to you. So if you buy a lot of arrows, you can have a good time with them. A shame you can’t pull them out of your enemies though.

          • In my experience, archery can be good but only in certain situations. I think if you tried to make it the only thing you did, you would end up in trouble. There are definitely bosses that are infinitely easier if you use a bow / magic / ranged. Yet as Drak said, sometimes you are going to have people on you too quickly and will need melee.

            Try out the Hunter class and see if you like it, it definitely gives you an idea early on if it is the choice for you. If you don’t like it though, you can always go a dexterity based melee build, which are very good at late game apparently.

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