Bankrupt University – Alpha Centauri | Gaming Mornings

Well this was certainly one way of starting off a full week of Alpha Centauri.  Foolishly, I set the game to medium difficulty, which proved to be detrimental.  After all, I haven’t played this game in well over 10 years, so perhaps I should have set the bar just a tiny bit lower.  Well, live and learn, I’ll just adjust it for tomorrow’s video.

Much fun was had though!  In addition to losing, we also find out tons of great information on mind worms, the military state of religious zealots, and the pros and cons of Ethical Calculus.  At the end of the video, I also talk about the pain of trying to get old games to run on modern systems, and why the preservation of older games is so important.

Be sure to tune in the rest of this week for more episodes, and if there is anything you would like me to discuss during a broadcast, leave the topic in the comments below.

Joseph Valenti

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