Let’s Talk About Fight Club – Looking at the Fighting Game Community

There is a lot of excitement at a fighting game tournament

The word “hype” can take on different connotations and meanings. Hype can be positive or negative, but it always leads to very strong emotional responses in people.  In the realm of eSports, hype is what makes the Fighting Game Community (FGC) run.  It’s the fundamental principal that can make the FGC …

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Can Competitive Gaming Go Mainstream? The Future of eSports

Daigo and Justin have given us so many memorable matches over the years

I can easily say that EVO Moment #37, in which Daigo Umehara upset what should have been a Justin Wong victory, was the moment that I got an understanding of just how exciting it is to watch video games in a tournament setting.  For some who watch that video, it …

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Street Fighter X Tekken – Review

[easyreview title=”Street Fighter X Tekken” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”Two fighting game franchises collide in what ultimately is a great combat system, bogged down by numerous technical issues.  If you have a lot of local friends looking to get into the fighting game scene, this is a great game to play around …

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New York Comic Con | Capcom Fighting Game Panels & Impressions

Over the past few months, regular visitors to the site will know that I have grown to really love and appreciate fighting games.  Doesn’t mean I’m good at them, but I definitely love to watch high level play and I strive to be better at them.  When checking through the …

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