Big Hero 6 – Review

[easyreview title=”Big Hero 6″ cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”Big Hero 6 is funny. It’s action packed. It’s moving and heartfelt. It’s a Marvel movie with a Disney heart. It’s a great flick all around.” cat1rating=”4″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″]   Big Hero 6 is easily one of my most anticipated films of the fall. …

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The Purge Breakout Experience – Review

[easyreview title=”The Purge Breakout Experience” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”Did we have fun? Absolutely. Is it something I’m glad I did? Absolutely. Do I wish I had a chance to play again with another group? Absolutely.” cat1rating=”4″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″]     Hello Everyone, its been a while since we’ve posted on g33kwatch …

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You’re Next – Review

You're Next

[easyreview title=”You’re Next” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”Full of quality scares, genuinely funny moments and an intriguing plot, You’re Next manages to do what a film like The Purge could not earlier this year.” cat1rating=”4″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″]   You’re Next is a film I have been eagerly anticipating since it’s premiere at …

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Kick Ass 2 – Review

Kick Ass 2

[easyreview title=”Kick Ass 2″ cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”These films are meant to showcase a subversive take on the super hero genre, and Kick-Ass 2 does not disappoint. Its got a ton of blood, some really gross sequences and a lot of winks to the audience.” cat1rating=”3.5″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″]   Starring: Aaron …

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Pacific Rim – Review

Pacific Rim

[easyreview title=”Pacific Rim” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”It has everything you want from a classic summer blockbuster experience. Go with your friends and bring the kids (whatever age they may outwardly appear to be) because this is your smart, fun, over the top blockbuster of the year.” cat1rating=”4″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″]   Pacific …

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Man of Steel – Review

Man of Steel

[easyreview title=”Man of Steel” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”Man of Steel is one of the best superhero films ever made. Pure and simple.” cat1rating=”4.5″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″] Man of Steel is the latest film from director Zack Snyder (Sucker Punch, Watchmen); written by Davis S. Goyer (Dark City, The Dark Knight) and produced …

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