Games for Change Festival 2013: 10th Anniversary Edition | Part 1

Eugene get his Press credentials!

Last week I began my run as an intrepid reporter for g33kWatch, and my first assignment was the Games for Change Festival.  What is Games for Change and what do they do?  I don’t want to bog you down but their mission is to “Catalyze Social Impact through Digital Games” …

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Our Geeky Favorites of 2012 – g33kWatch Podcast

Thus ends the year of 2012. Let's try and improve in 2013!

2012 was a very odd year.  It probably feels like we all say that about every year, but for this year it seemed to be really true.  The website got a lot of traffic because of some amazing articles about Bob Anderson, Disturbing Horror Movies, and Edison’s Tale of Meeting …

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Steampunk World’s Fair 2012

Hello g33ks, m33ks and anyone else who finds themselves temporally displaced. Welcome to my breakdown of what has become one of my top three cons of the year. The Steampunk World’s Fair is a gathering of cosplayers, amateur inventors, alt-history enthusiasts, obscure martial artists and regular people drawn in by …

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My Boyfriend: The Dragon Master … or Whatever

“I know who Spock is.” “Prove it.” “He’s from Star Trek and he’s half human.” “And half…?” “Vegan.” That’s a real exchange between my nerdy, long-haired, bespectacled boyfriend, Michael, and myself, a stunning blonde (I get to be described as “stunning” in my own article). It is just one of …

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PAX East Review: Knowledge Is Power Edition

At conventions like PAX, I generally find myself in panels more often than in the exhibit hall. That’s partly because I feel like, as people, we should be life-long learners. The instinct to improve ourselves is especially valuable to gamers, as the slow-witted and unaware can often end up getting …

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