Role-Playing Games Episode 4: Previously on D&D …

In Loving Memory of Jimmy the Kobold, Who Was Three Days From Retirement ...

It has certainly been a long time, 4 months to be exact, since we last held a little Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition session for all our lovely g33ks and m33ks out there.  We have not forgotten you, we were just exceedingly busy.  During that time our fearless DM Mikey was in a Theater production and was just out of free time.  The entire lot of us was trying desperately to get the 24-Hour Slumber Party off the ground, and we were off filming guest spots on CASTERS just to name a few things.

One of the things that is very important to remember about RPGs is that they are obviously a lot of fun.  Yet they are a game, and they are a game that many times requires a lot of people to free up time in their schedules.  Sometimes that can prove difficult and you just need to relax, roll with it, and just remind everyone involved that you have this adventure going and try and lock down a time to restart.

For all of us here at g33kWath HQ, we had a lot of fun with this little adventure.  We obviously started it to show all of you at home some of the actions that take place during a Pen & Paper RPG, and also to give you advice on how the game should be played and what not.  We also very quickly got very attached to the characters that we created, the storylines that we are now a part of, and the great fun that our fans are having with the adventure as they watch from home.  We have wanted nothing more than to go crazy and role-play as much as possible, but we kept all of you fine individuals in our minds.

It is with that thought in mind that we present to you the 4th episode in our Role-Playing Games Podcast series.  In this episode we get together a good portion of our adventuring party and give you a recap of what has happened thus far in the adventure in the first two sessions.  It has been four months, it’s very possible that you forgot some details.  We also go over some of the things that we liked, some of the tasks that we need to work on, and many other topics from both a Player Character and Dungeon Master point of view.  We also discuss what kind of changes / improvements that we will be making to the game, and also give you an idea about our upcoming schedule and how you will be able to keep up with the adventure and the storyline as a whole.

There is a lot of great information in the Podcast as well on how you out there can continue to improve your games either by optimizing your characters, or how to get new story ideas if you are a DM.  We also encourage you to read Ragero’s Guide: Finding a New Role-Playing Group so that you can hopefully get some advice on how to find a local gaming group so that if you are interested in what we are doing, you can join in on the fun yourself.  Also,as per Mikey’s fine advice, check out Sly Flourish for a great website resource on how you can improve your D&D 4th Edition game.

As for our upcoming schedule, we will be down at the Jersey Shore for vacation for the next week and it is entirely possible that we will play a few sessions while we are there.  During that time we will be recording all of the sessions into Podcast format and then posting them here on the website.  We have limited Internet access while we are doing there so these Podcasts will be posted as they happen.  Keep tabs on our Facebook and Twitter to find out when they are made available.  After that we keep you posted on when the next Livecast will take place.

Can’t wait for you all to hear the next session, and as always, don’t forget your Flex Check!


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  1. I’m so glad to hear the RPGCast back again 😀 Excellent installment, like always. I can’t wait to hear more DnD shenanigans from you jabronies.

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