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There are many reasons why you would search for a new group. Whether it be you moved, or there was a falling out, or you just have a fever and the only cure is more RP. Whatever the reason, there are quite a few tools at your disposal to find a new group and I will list the pros and cons for each.

Your first tool is a common one. Using the Internet and search browsers like Google is probably the best tool you can use to find a group. One of the easiest ways to go about this is by just joining a tabletop forum. I did so and received rapid messages upon joining. It was shocking to say the least. I hadn’t typed anything other then my zip code and GM’s came flocking to me. They are usually looking to fill in PC spot probably for the same reasons why you are looking for a new group. Another reason is something that g33kWatch falls into: No one plays a healer.

Pros of Internet / Google / Forums

  • You can openly discuss where the campaign is headed with some degree of anonymity.
  • Usually through the forum you can look up posts to see if in fact, this person is knowledgeable. As Kelly James once sang “It’s not stalking it’s research.” Sometimes you need to know what you are getting into.

Cons of Internet / Google / Forums

  • People aren’t always who they seem to be. Someone who is polite on the forums may be doing so for some political reason involving the forum. For some people, this is a prominent part of their social interactions.
  • You don’t really know these people. Simply put, it’s easy to RP with friends. You know you like them, they know they like you. Not everyone is as cute and cuddly as me …

Next are finding sites specifically designed for people people who are seeking a group, or someone to round out a group looking for a group. One such being rpggamefind.com. You would think with a name so simple it would be featured with wider prominence, truth is it’s under used with only 1,595 game ads posted. It is a fantastic way to find a group to play with. You can punch in your continent, zip code, and the distance you are willing to travel and behold games will pop up. Everyone on here is looking, and that’s what makes this site awesome. People know what they want and are looking for. I have met my newest game group on this site. Not only have they introduced me to a new game, Pathfinder, or as it’s affectionately titled D&D 3.75. So I went forward and after I met the whole group along with another player who had answered the ad. We were both initiated into group.

Pros of RPG Game Finder

  • The people on this site need you just as much as you need them. They just want to have fun and game just like you do.
  • In the ad the game being played is usually the first thing listed. For example, an ad will read. Pathfinder searching for players, in the middle of a campaign. This tells you the basics of what’s going on. You know what to expect to some extent.
  • The people on here seem very personable, that’s a plus, but not all things are as they appear. See Cons.
  • They offer the ability to be involved in only internet based games. I am not familiar with this, but I am sure if you don’t want to go through the trouble of actually having to go around meet up with folks this could be your best bet honestly.

Cons of RPG Game Finder

  • Some people will  false advertise, looking to DM a group may quickly change to, can you DM. It has happened a few times that I have seen with conversing with the other folks who have used this.
  • Again, you may not find a game that calls your attention. Not everyone loves free form RPG, and not everyone loves rules on how you bow to a king. But just because it isn’t available now doesn’t mean it won’t be in a week. Post update whenever someone else does, could be quick. Could take a year and a day. It all depends. >>>Im not sure what youre trying to say with this CON
  • Sometimes there’s just nothing around you. Not everyone knows about this site, or are willing to post somewhere where total strangers can answer their ad. Let’s face Craig’s List has put a real negative light on the personal ad. And with good reason.

Finally your local game shop may be your best bet. Now, there is the possibility that it is about a half hour away, but it’s still an option. The amazing things about game stores are, you will find someone playing just about everything under the sun. Want some AD&D action, there is more then likely someone at there playing it as you read this article. It’s incredible the games that you will see, and the nonsense that occurs. Most game stores usually have specific RP days so just because it’s not happening now, doesn’t mean it won’t, just be sure to check with the store staff! It’s probably the guy behind the counter, or possibly playing. As an added bonus, a lot of these stores now have forums. This may make things a lot easier, you already have a common meeting ground. So you won’t be strained to meet out at Starbucks or some place else that is public, and somewhat safe.

Pros of Game Stores

  • Game stores tend to be a tight knit community. So, your chances of meeting someone grow.
  • Just about everything you could/want is available there. Plus, you are supporting a local business. Sure the prices are higher, but at least you see the people and most of them aren’t jerks just guys trying to live a dream.
  • It’s a fun environment to socialize and game.

Cons of Game Stores

  • Game stores tend to be a tight knit community. If you manage to piss one person off, chances are the whole community will know shortly.
  • This is your best chance to see people in their “natural” environment. You might not always like what you see.

So, with all this information all I say to you is go flourish have fun. And be not afraid to geek out and find new geek friends. I wish you all success, in your geek endeavours.

Catch you on the flip side.

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