g33kWatch RPG Livecast – D&D 4th Edition Session 3

As promised, we have recorded our latest RPG session and now we have for you the result of that.  We had a lot of fun recording it and after a little while we had forgotten that the microphone was on.  While we don’t have any video from the session, hopefully you will find the next three hours in Podcast form will help you keep along with the storyline and also give you more ideas on what you can be doing during your own tabletop gaming sessions.

In this time around, we watch as our heroes take on their second mission for the relic company.  In order to dispose of the relics they got in the first two sessions, it’s time for Joey V’s character Gaviroth to take the group to his foster father’s hometown.  Did you remember that Gaviroth is a Half-Elf who is attracted to Female Dwarfs?  That is because his foster dad is none other than an amazing Dwarven Rune Priest Blacksmith.  With his help the group of adventures will be able to properly take care of this blacklisted relics and also work towards their next mission.

This next task will take them into the kingdom of Ander, trying to bring down an illegal relic smuggling ring.  We get to meet up with some of Rabingo’s Halfling breathen (played by Chris) and how the region is trying to keep them down.  How will the group react to such horrific treatment of their friend’s people?  Will the group be able to get through to the end of this mission?  What new Non-Player Character will join with the group and how will this new character interact with the rest of the group?  Find out how we got to this point, and get ready and excited for the fourth session that should be recorded and coming up later on this week!


Opening Track :: The Rubinoos – Revenge of the Nerds
Closing Track ::
Hans Zimmer – Dream is Collapsing

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  1. You never heard a Kobold whistle before…

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