Joseph Valenti
Editor in Chief

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves.

Yogi Menghani
Writer, Geek Culture & Video Games

A New Jersey native, Yogi likes to kick ass, chew bubblegum, and find random sites on the Internet that entertain and confuse us.

Katie Valenti
Event Coordinator

Fond lover of Google Calendar and Excel, Katie is in charge of many schedules and always knows where staff members are supposed to be.

Olivia Kent
Writer, Geek Advice & Editorials

After her DNA was spliced with that of a jelly fish, Olivia became known to all as Pink Hair Girl.  She also gives advice to geeks all around the world.

Mr. Khon
Reviewer, Movies

Our own version of The Illusive Man, Mr. Khon’s identity is kept secret until he sells a screenplay.  Once that happens, he’s taking us all to the big time.

Alison Von Dollen
Writer, Editorials

As the resident artist of the group, Alison is well versed in the areas of drawing, painting, and building anything out of cardboard.

Brendan Fay
Reviewer, Video Games

Legend has it that he once beat the NES classic “Bayou Billy” blindfolded.  Whether it’s true or not, we all know that Brendan is better at video games than us.

Jess Thompson
SEO Manager & Editor

With intense knowledge of how Google rankings work, Jess also makes sure that our articles are edited really good.  She will also beat you at Smash Bros.

Dan Landau
Writer, Tabletop

Master of board games, Dan can decipher complex tabletop gaming rules, or build any hobby model you need.

Darryl Miller
Reviewer, Video Games

Former PAX Omeganaut and all-the-time great guy, Darryl covers more video games in a day than most people play all year.

Eric Sawler
Writer, Graphic Novels

Eric lets you know about what comics and graphic novels are worth your time. He’s also a part time superhero on the side. Not a big deal.

Eugene Weber
Founder & Executive Director Level Up Charity

Eugene has been gaming since before he reached double digits. Now he serves as an intrepid reporter as cover for his many nefarious … I mean, altruistic endeavors. His shirt says he’s a hero, so it must be true.

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