Tomb Raider Trilogy Review (PS3)

g33kWatch has now been around for a year and as people who follow my Twitter Feed know, I was lucky enough to receive my very first review copy of a game a few weeks back.  It’s probably a testament to myself and the rest of the g33ks really striving to make this website legitimate and informative … or it could just be that I am now on a ton of Press Lists and sometimes get really fantastic offers.  Either way though, I was super excited to review my first official review copy of a game.  It’s my first time though, so everyone please be gentle.

Say what you will about the PlayStation 3’s online capabilities (or lack thereof) the systems use of Blu-Ray really gives game developers to utilize a lot of space on one single game disk.  This has helped certain games in using higher resolution textures, and in other cases helped there to be just more game to play.  Another fantastic by product of this, has been the advent of game compilations.  Games like God of War Collection which had God of War and God of War II on the same Blu-Ray with updated graphics, really was a brilliant idea.  From a company standpoint it doesn’t take a lot of work to put those games on disk and upgrade them so that keeps costs down, and for players it gives them the opportunity to play games and series that they may have missed out.

Based on the huge success that was the God of War Collection, Square Enix is now introducing the Tomb Raider Trilogy which gives us Tomb Raider: Legend, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and Tomb Raider: Underworld all on one disk with enhanced graphics.  When you first boot up the game, you will have a prompt to choose one of the three games and once you are there, you can quickly get into any of the Lara Croft adventures.  Legend and Underworld have connecting storylines so they create a very obvious back to back gaming path.  Anniversary is a remake / re-imaging of the very first Tomb Raider game and as such stands on it’s own.  Only reason I bring this up is that the games are listed in order they were made, so on the game menu it is Legend, Anniversary, and then Underworld.  Just be aware so you are not surprised by the storyline not flowing if you go in that order.

I could sit here and individually review each game, but in the end that is a lot of information and overall not very necessary.  If you have specific questions about any of the games included with this package, you are all smart enough to use whatever review site you want.  It sounds like a cop out but trust me it isn’t.  The games all remain exactly the same so rather that spit out specifics, I would just like to go over the general theme of all the games and some things that you should be aware of.

First off the biggest area of improvement over the original games are the enhanced graphics.  I could sit here and talk about it, but it’s best to show you using the images down below.  Anniversary and Legend get the biggest push as those were both PS2 era games and the game is just clearer and crisper.  Underworld gets a bit of a bump, but as it was a PS3 game originally, it only receives a few tweaks and minor improvements.

[nggallery id=18]

Storywise the games are interesting.  If you have never played a Tomb Raider game before (like me) and you like the Uncharted series or movies like Indiana Jones / National Treasure then you’ll enjoy all three of these games.  They are interesting enough, have some hilarious cheesy dialogue, and have some fun takes on mythology like you would hope.  The biggest issue though with the games, are the controls and gunplay.  After playing games like Uncharted or Assassin’s Creed that have made significant strides in the third person combat and free running systems, playing these Tomb Raider games is going to feel like a step back.  The camera is wonky in all of the games, and combat never really gets past “lock on target, mash trigger, dodge occasionally”.  Given how good the environments look and how good some of the puzzles are, you will probably have some situations where the controls will frustrate the crap out of you.

Are these issues deal breakers?  Not really.  The camera controls are fine for the most part, and while the gun combat isn’t particularly robust, it’s also not exceedingly difficult.  In the end, the ability to pick up three good games for less than $40 really makes this a great package.  As I played these games for the first time, I found myself have a very great appreciation for games like Assassin’s and Uncharted because it was good to see some of the roots in which those games were conceived.

There were a lot of games in the previous generation of consoles, and a lot of people like myself missed out on some really great franchises.  If you are like me, and didn’t really get into console gaming until the XBOX 360 or PS3 and missed out on Tomb Raider the first time around, then I highly suggest you look into getting the Tomb Raider Trilogy.  They may be a bit dated and have some issues, but the fact that you get three quality games for less than the price of a new game, is reason alone in my book to add this to your gaming shelf.

Final Score

(4 out of 5)

Joseph Valenti

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  1. Congrandualtions on your first Review Copy!

    I was never a big Tomb Raider fan, even during the time where it seemed everyone was a fan (I don’t mind a good cosplay though). Though I did rent the first two games and played some demos.

    The images put up do show a significant step up in the graphics overhaul, nice to see them push for that improvement, unfortunately the one thing that haunted me was the horrifically bad camera and the sometimes bizarre combat.

    I feel I would be in the same boat, appreciating the newer titles, but more than likely because of the better controls.

  2. Yeah the camera and combat are not huge areas of improvement. Games like Legend I had no problem with the camera while I played, but the combat was very boring. Then playing the later game Underworld, the gunplay is improved slightly, but the camera went nuts 2-3 times within my first three hours. Just not consistent enough. I think you could get through it, but it is a point of contention.

    Another side note. Levels are so friggin’ long in Anniversary, and a lot of back tracking. So glad that part of game design didn’t persist in the later sequels.

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  4. Ah, Tomb Raider, my specialty.

    I didn’t really become a big gamer per se until this current generation, but what really started it for me was when I played Tomb Raider Legend back on my old PS2. I had played a little bit of the old school Core Tomb Raider games, but Legend was my first real play through of the franchise. I really really really enjoyed it, and thought it was a nice breath of fresh air compared to the old games. In fact, Legend is probably my favorite game from the PS2 (keep in mind here that I wasn’t a big gamer back then, folks).

    Anniversary was a nice evolution with a bit of the best of both Core and Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider: the exploration and puzzles of Core with the graphics and (much improved) gameplay of CD. The story was given a much needed facelift to fit in with the Crystal Dynamics’ Lara’s Lost Mom arc, and was just a really enjoyable game all around.

    Underworld is what I’d call a beautiful disaster. The Tomb Raider fanbase (yes there is a fanbase) was deeply divided between those who loved the Core games and those who loved the Crystal Dynamics games. For some reason, there was never any middle ground. So CD decided to take the suggestions from the fans and implement half-baked ideas into the game. There’s so much in Underworld that was made with the best intentions, but lacked the polish it needed to match up quality-wise with Legend and Anniversary.

    What the major fault these three games have is that they tried to evolve Tomb Raider while maintaining the basic designs of the Core games. Those were great in the 90’s, but in a world where Uncharted reigns supreme, they can’t compete as well. That’s why I’m excited about the reboot. The developers are taking great pains to make people care about Lara and make her an actual character, not a caricature. They’re stripping away everything that the public knows about Tomb Raider to make her something that can fit into the action/adventure genre zeitgeist. Basically, from what I’ve read, expect something akin to Uncharted meets Arkham Asylum. If you can, read up on it further. I’m very excited for what the future has in store.

    And Joey that was an excellent review! I’m looking forward to more of them!

  5. Thank you so much for the overview TJ! That should really help people get a better idea about the core elements of each individual game.

    I would absolutely agree with you, Underworld has some good things going for it, but Legend was just such a great and solid game. I enjoyed all three but especially my time with Legend.

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