There Ain’t Nothing Uncountry about Jason Charles Miller

We had such a fun time doing an interview with Jason Charles Miller at Geek Media Expo, that we decided to give you guys and gals a little bit more insight on some of the music that he is producing.  So we decided to write up a little review of his latest album Uncountry.

From the moment you begin listening to the album, you are shown a side of Jason Charles Miller that many of his fans, and the a majority of the industry is unfamiliar with from him. That is exactly what Jason wanted with this solo album.  He didn’t want it to just sound like another Godhead album, but instead show off and display a completely different side of himself.

Uncountry as a whole is a welcome departure from what the music industry has been offering us as of late. With all of the songs, you feel the emotion in every line. The album speaks back to a time where music and lyrics meant more then just selling an album. With every note from the songs played on the album, you are further immersed into the otherside of Jason Charles Miller, a side that a majority of music fans are unfamiliar with. Yet, it’s a side of him that’s there and he doesn’t at any point soon hope to depart from.

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The album’s mood does not surprise those who are fans of Miller. He has always shown a great deal of depth and soul behind his music. What the album can be viewed as, is a coming out party for Jason. He shows that he is not just strongly rooted in rock music, but that there is a country boy deep down.

As a whole the album is a success in what Jason is trying to achieve. He wanted something that sounded completely different from his work with Godhead.  Jason separates that aspect of himself and triumphs with his vocals and his musical prowess. The album, is something that may not be what Nashville is looking for, but a sound that the town and country industry needs. The album is edgy, and brings you back to a time and place where it was not about the show, but the music. His lyrics are a refreshingly honest take on life, love, and the industry. Jason has the ability to place you in his shoes, with ever haunting word he delivers with his solemn vocals.

The album is ten tracks long, and the takes you down a personal trip with Miller. You get to know the person, and even the places he has been. The title track, “Uncountry”, is a story of a real person, and you don’t forget that from start to finish. He’s a throwback to what made country music famous. Jason Charles Miller is a modern day man in black. His lyrics are not a fairytale, or an indictment on society. He’s funny, snarky, pained, and unafraid to show you all of that in this album. The album is everything that made fans fall in love with music in the first place.

If anything this album shows that Jason is more country then most of the artists out today. He’s a storyteller, through and through.  He crafts country music in it’s truest form.  A man with a guitar, telling the stories that shaped the person you see before you. There’s nothing more country then that.

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