Dead Island – Trailer Review

Hello g33ks and m33ks and those scientists who sent me back through time… (maybe you just clean carpets) maybe you’re wondering to yourself why is Mr. Khon reviewing a video game trailer? If you’re wondering that then you haven’t seen it. Honestly, I was told over and over that I have to watch this trailer, when I was anywhere but near a computer. SO now that I’ve seen it, ingested it and over analyzed it I think I should say a few words on the video in question.

Incredible. Epic. Heartbreaking.

These three minutes are engaging, interesting, and hauntingly beautiful. They are disturbing and the concept of using the imagery of a dead child to create connection is seen as a cheap move by some… but I think this epitomizes why the zombie genre holds so much sway in the g33k community. It is the human enemy, it is the potential monster we can all become, its the fight to survive and the loss of those we’d do anything to protect possibly by our own hands.

All this vivid imagery and poignant music come together to create more than a game advertisement, this piece falls into the realm of short film. Do yourself a favor watch the original version of this piece and then watch the recut chronological order version.

The fact that the trailer is effective in both edits should showcase how good a job the artists, director, composer and editor did when making this film. No words are spoken only the sounds of struggle, fear, destruction and tearing flesh. I can only hope that half as much effort is made by the game creators for this game because if so we could be looking at more than a game of the year we could be looking at a possible turning point in the games as art argument.

Did I build this trailer up enough for you? Are you going to be lobbying to the Academy for this piece to be included in the animated short film category next year? What do you g33ks out there think of all the internet buzz these trailers have gotten?

– Mr. Khon

Joseph Valenti

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves. Connect with me on Google+


  1. I had seen the original trailer before but not the reversed one. It works well both ways and I think its better they let the images do the talking with just the sound of the struggle and the music for accompaniment.

    I think we’ll need to see more of how the game plays to know if it’ll be a game of the year but the trailer is very promising.

  2. I think we’re all on the same page with that. The trailer looks good, especially the reversed one, but I need to see the gameplay to decide if i want to buy it or not.

  3. Like I said on the forum, I love this trailer so much. Deeply emotional, it really grabs you. That being said, just because the trailer is fantastic doesn’t mean the game will. I need some actual game footage before I can say whether I’d play it.

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