g33kWatch Podcast – New Ways to g33k Out in 2012

Time to ring in the 2012 year with more g33kWatch!

It is the end of 2011, and that means a lot of things around here at g33kWatch.  Actually that’s a lie, it doesn’t mean much of anything, other than us taking a week off from producing content.  It was more day job projects and tiredness, rather than Star Wars: The …

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g33kWatch Podcast – The Best in g33kery of 2011

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the site Every g33k & m33k were clamoring for a podcast tonight No worries everyone, we got you covered this Christmas Eve.  This week we tackle our Best of 2011 and give you our favorite geeky things from a really fantastic year here at g33kWatch. …

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