Stay Tuned For Breaking News – DmC: Devil May Cry | Gaming Mornings

  The amount that I love the new Devil May Cry game really knows no bounds.  During this portion of gameplay, we hit what is quite possibly the best level design and best boss encounter in the entire game.  Working our way towards the Raptor News Network and Bob Barbas …

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Tomorrowland – NY Comic Con 2014, Day 1

The panel for Tomorrowland was the second half of Disney’s Main Stage opening salvo that completely won over the entire NY Comic Con crowd. Hosted by Chris Hardwick (as was Big Hero 6) the panel featured director Brad Bird (The Incredibles), writer Damon Lindeloff, stars Raffey Cassidy (Mr. Selfridge), Britt …

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So Stylish – DmC: Devil May Cry | Gaming Mornings

Did I say Swapper?  OK maybe DmC was my favorite

About a year ago I bought DmC: Devil May Cry for what I felt was a ludicrously low price for $15 or $20.  I then started playing it and fell in love with the game immediately.  The visuals, combat, and even the story, were really well done.  With a controller …

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