Going to Hug Trees With Thermo-Nuclear Warheads – Alpha Centauri | Gaming Mornings

Remember the beginning of this Alpha Centauri playthrough where I was playing the Gaia’s Stepdaughters and it was all about exploration and loving the planet?  Yeah well when I had to deal with the Hive Mind faction, I completely lost my shit and decided it was time to just nuke …

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Mind Worms Poet Laureate – Alpha Centauri | Gaming Mornings

Picking up where we left off yesterday and absolutely no time was wasted.  In short order, Miriam and the True Believers are gone, and our former allies the Spartans are no more.  Who wants to make a fucking tree hugger joke now, huh?! Shortly after all of this, we started …

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All About That “Tree-Crazy Prattle” – Alpha Centauri | Gaming Mornings


After yesterday’s embarrassing loss, it was time to shake things up.  I lowered the difficulty and also changed up the faction.  In addition to that, I made the conscious decision to play a little bit more aggressive.  Wouldn’t you know it, that made all of the difference! This time around …

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