Geek Advice – Online Bingo Can Make You Even Cooler

sunglassesWhat happens when you take your gran’s favourite game and put it on the Internet? The answer: the slickest new geek game in town. OK, so online bingo might not be the hippest way to win some money, but it’s certainly a lot cooler than it used to be.

In fact, thanks to a combination of accessibility, a fusion of entertainment methods and a touch of glamour, bingo is now the favourite pastime of millions of people worldwide. According to the UK’s Gambling Commission, online bingo has grown by 22% in the last two years thanks to 3.4 million people across the country anteing up.

Bingo is a Billion Dollar Industry

billionTaking this a step further, the global online bingo industry is now worth more than $1 billion and one of the main reasons for this increase in popularity is the changing face of the game. Today when you log into you’ll not only find a myriad of games, but you’ll see the likes of Paris Hilton and Verne Troyer staring back at you.

By harnessing the mass-market appeal of fashionable celebs like Hilton and Troyer, bgo Bingo has simultaneously boosted its own credentials and contributed to the overall reshaping of the game itself. Indeed, much like other online bingo sites have employed celebrity ambassadors like Kerry Katona (Kerry With Bingo) and Kathy Wakile (Pala Bingo), bgo Bingo has tapped into the mainstream by giving the game some glamour.

More Options = More Popularity

bingoOf course, that’s not the only reason it has become a hit in a gambling industry that’s now worth more than $41 billion. The other reason, and it’s one all tech geeks will appreciate, is the availability of the game. By hosting the game on both desktop and mobile platforms, bingo operators have been able to offer more games to more people. Instead of the twice weekly sessions at a local bingo hall, fans of the game can now play anytime, anywhere.

Whether it’s a £0.15 Need for Speed 90-ball game on bgo Bingo or a £0.02 City Hall 30-ball game on Booty Bingo, players now have more options and, moreover, more ways to win. In fact, when it comes to mobile bingo, the process of entering a game is now so simple that you can literally do it with a few touches. From selecting a game to crossing of your numbers, playing is extremely efficient.

Bingo is now a Live Extravaganza

nightclubThis, in a nutshell, is why bingo is now a trendy way to win money and the reason you should consider anteing up if you want to increase your street cred. In fact, such is the popularity of online bingo that live event companies are now using to host some fully immersive entertainment experiences.

Rebel Bingo started off hosting events in London, but thanks to the popularity of the shows they have spread as far as New York. Taking the game and building a live show around it, Rebel Bingo is the latest example of how bingo is now a mainstream game that’s hip with the hipsters.

So, while you may have assumed that bingo wouldn’t help make you a much cooler geek, the facts tell a different story. Whether you’re anteing online alongside the likes of Paris Hilton or you’re taking part in a live extravaganza, bingo is great way to make yourself even cooler.

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